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Concerned about unnatural chemicals? Want a natural solution to your health issues? Then try one of our Natural Remedies. You’ll find a complete array of products for mind, body and spirit. Included in our natural line up are aromatherapy products, essential oils, and naturally fresh and hypoallergenic deodorants.

Aromatherapy can not only help with stress, but can energize your living space and help with focus and concentration. Essential oils are fragrant extracts used in massage or in potpourri. Live life naturally with these fine herbal products from Botanic Choice!

Olive Oil 4 oz SAVE 54%
Sesame Oil - 4 oz SAVE 46%
Coconut Oil 1000 mg. Soft Gels SAVE 25%

Coconut Oil 1000 mg. Healthy Support

30 softgelsSale Price! $3.00 Buy 2 or more for $2.75 each add to cart
Cajeput Essential Oil by Botanic Choice SAVE 33%
Chlorophyll Concentrate from Botanic Choice SAVE 44%

Chlorophyll Concentrate Internally Freshen, Deodorize and Cleanse

120 softgelsSale Price! $5.00 Buy 2 or more for $4.50 each add to cart
Coconut Oil SAVE 33%
Clove Essential Oil for aromatherapy and cooking SAVE 50%
Eucalyptus Essential Oil by Botanic Choice SAVE 57%
Honeysuckle Floral Oil aroma promotes energy SAVE 44%
Jasmine Floral Oil boosts confidence and clears the mind SAVE 44%
Lilac Floral Oil for a feminine perfume SAVE 44%
Rosemary Essential Oil for energy and alertness SAVE 43%
Tea Tree Oil cleanses skin and nails SAVE 25%
Thyme Essential Oil aroma eases stress SAVE 40%
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