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Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal Roll-On to Freshen Body Odor

Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal Roll-On

Natural Crystals, Hypoallergenic

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    Our Roll-on Deodorant is made from natural crystals. It's hypoallergenic, naturally fragance-free and won't stain your clothing.
    • All Natural
    • 24 Hour Protection
    • Non-staining
    • Fragrance free
    Contains purified water, natural mineral salts, xanthan gum, phytosphingosine, and chamomile extract.
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    5.0 stars, based on 2 reviews

    Customer Web Reviews:

      Ms., September 16, 2014
    By Catherine (Ocean Springs, MS)
    I have used five bottles of this deodrant and about to order again. This is a most wonderfully healthy alternative to the chemical laden deodrant that I have used for so many years. It is reasonably priced for an effective, safe and healthy product. Love it!
      My favorite, December 03, 2008
    By Anonymous (CHEVY CHASE , MD)
    I have been using the crystal stone for years and I am very happy with it. The problem is that inevitably you drop it and then it's history. Finally came this wonderful roll on deodorant - same great quality deodorant in a more convenient package. Thank you! Your results may vary.
  • Articles

    Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal products were specifically designed for the 10% of the population who are allergic to or irritated by conventional deodorants. They are made of mineral salts which are pure and natural, fragrance free, non-staining and provide 24 hour, hypoallergenic protection against body and foot odor. They function as natural deodorants by killing odor-causing bacteria while permitting the pores to excrete toxins naturally.

    The perfumes that conventional deodorants use to mask odor or the antiperspirant ingredients can act as allergens and cause rash and irritation in many individuals. For this reason, men and women who have sensitive skin require hypoallergenic, fragrance-free products. Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal products are extremely gentle, yet amazingly effective. This is the perfect product for active people seeking a healthy alternative and better lifestyle.

    Many people and doctors have concerns in respect to the processed aluminums found in conventional deodorants. These processed aluminums have very small molecules and can penetrate the skin. Alum, on the other hand, is naturally occurring and not processed. It has a large molecule and does not penetrate the surface of the skin.

    For those with allergies, we would recommend the spray mist as this is the gentlest of the product category.

    Naturally Fresh deodorant is not an antiperspirant. You will continue to sweat, however, you will not have any underarm odor.

    The crystal stick never expires if it is not opened. Once it has been opened, the product is good for one year. The roll on and spray mist have a 2 year shelf life if unopened. Once opened, they are also good for one year.



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