AbsorB-12 Plus� combats fatigue and promotes energy

SUPER SAVER - AbsorB-12 Plus™

Delicious Chewable Dissolves in Your Mouth to Fight Fatigue

30 tablets
Item Number: VB12S
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    Benefits of AbsorB-12 Plus:

    • Dissolves in your mouth to fight fatigue
    • Delicious tangerine flavor
    • Contains a potent B vitamin blend

    Energy, mental health, more

    Our exclusive AbsorB-12 contains a powerful blend of all the essential B vitamins you need for energy, mental clarity, heart support and general wellness. This potent formula delivers...

    • 1667% of the daily value of Vitamin B-12 essential for healthy blood, energy metabolism, heart health, nervous system and more.
    • 250% of the daily value of Vitamin B-6 to help process amino acids, the building blocks of protein. B-6 is also necessary for the production of serotonin and melatonin.
    • 100% daily value of Folate for brain and cognitive function.
    • Plus Biotin to aid in metabolism and energy production.

    Just place one tasty tablet into your mouth and let dissolve. One of our most popular vitamins, AbsorB-12 has a delicious tangerine flavor.

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  • Suggested Use
    1 tablet dissolved in your mouth daily