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NEW! Healthy Rewards point-based program starts January 1, 2017! 

You're going to love this!! Beginning in 2017, our new rewards program will be easier, better, and bigger than ever. 

  • No need to collect cards or mail them in
  • Earn points every time you order...no minimums 
  • Redeem online, phone, or mail
  • Watch for exclusive offers to earn extra rewards!

What to Do with Your Current Botanic Choice Rewards Cards

Send in your Botanic Rewards card(s) with your order and deduct the discount from your product total. Rewards cannot be used towards shipping charges or sales tax. For example, 1 card is $3 off, 2 cards is $6 off, 3 cards is $9 off and so on. The cards must be be redeemed in a single purchase (no merchandise credits can be carried over). 

Mail cards in with your order by December 31, 2016 to: 
Botanic Choice Rewards
3401 West 37th Ave., Hobart IN 46342


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