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Sleep-EZ Aromatherapy Spray encourages restful sleep

Sleep-EZ™ Aromatherapy Spray

Spritz Soothing Lavender Scent on Your Pillow & Sleep Like a Baby

1.7 oz
Item Number: A01SLEP
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Benefits of Sleep-Ez:

  • Spritz on sheets
  • Spray in room
  • Eases you into a relaxed sleep

With its calming lavender scent, you're sure to get a good night's rest tonight and every night by creating a natural, calming atmosphere. Our special aromatherapy spray comes packaged in amber colored glass to block out light and keep the fragrance fresh. This generous sized bottle will last and last.

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Customer Web Reviews:

  Sleep-ez aromatherapy spray, March 30, 2013
By Vetto (Bell, CA)
Not only helps me sleep faster it also gots a amazing smell which lasted pretty long that's why I recommend its worth buying.
Spray this fine mist on your pillow and let the comforting blend help ease your stress and soothe your senses. Use as an air freshener. Always test fabric for compatibility prior to use.


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