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As we get older many of us will begin to experience slowly deteriorating vision, failing eye health or poor night vision. Most folks either aren’t taking any eye-boosting nutrients or they are taking incorrect dosages or forms of them.

You may have heard that Lutein safeguards your eyes from damaging high-energy blue light, ultra-violet rays, free radicals and second hand smoke. Now exclusively from Botanic Choice you can safeguard your vision with the miracle of Opti Gold™ which contains 6 powerful nutrients including FloraGLO® Lutein the purest and most potent lutein available. You can also try new Opti Gold Plus with Fish Oil™ which not only promotes vision health, but provides Omega 3 Essential Fatty Acids and Vitamin E for overall wellness.

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Eye Pressure Complex SAVE 52%

Eye Pressure Complex™ Protect Your Eye Pressure Naturally

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Lutein Plus™ SAVE 46%
Lutein Plus™ SAVE 46%
Lutein Plus by Botanic Choice SAVE 44%
Bilberry promotes vision, hair, and nail health SAVE 53%
Eye Moisture Complex™ SAVE 53%
L-Taurine Promotes Brain and Eye Health SAVE 40%
Bilberry Promotes healthy vision, skin, nails, and hair SAVE 40%
Bilberry for optimal night vision, nails, and hair SAVE 43%
NOW Foods Lutein 10 mg SAVE 34%
Astaxanthin 4 mg SAVE 35%

NOW Foods
Astaxanthin 4 mg
Supports Eye Health

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