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Vitamin K is beneficial for healthy blood and bones. Vitamin K2 offers even greater benefits because it helps ensure calcium is efficiently used by your body. It helps manage calcium levels within your cardiovascular system for smooth blood flow. Vitamin K is also used topically in creams to help reduce the appearance of dark eye circles and spider veins.

Botanic Choice offers the benefits of Vitamin K as both nutritional supplements and in our Dark Circle Eye Treatment, a unique breakthrough topical formula which moisturizes while soothing the eye area, reducing the appearance of dark circles, and evening out skin tone naturally.

Vitamin K2 supports calcium absorption and circulation SAVE 30%

Vitamin K2 80 mcg. Supports Circulation Plus Facilitates the Effects of Calcium

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Vitamin K benefits healthy blood flow and circulation SAVE 20%

Vitamin K 100 mcg. Potent Support for Circulation

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