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Advanced Apple Cider Vinegar Plus with Green Tea

Advanced Apple Cider Vinegar Plus with Green Tea

Burns Fat and Boosts Metabolism with Garcinia Cambogia!

90 capsules
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  • Product Info

    Benefits of Advanced Apple Cider Vinegar Plus with Green Tea (ACV Plus®):

    • Burns fat and reduces body fat...to maximize your weight loss efforts
    • Ignites metabolism...so fat and carbs move quickly through your system
    • Suppresses appetite...to help you say "no" to sweets, fatty foods and carbs
    • Delivers popular garcinia cambogia to increase your metabolism
    • Supplies capsaicin, the active ingredient in chili pepper and cayenne to stimulate energy burning 

    If you're one of the fortunate few with warp-speed metabolism, you can stop reading now! For the rest of us, there's Advanced Apple Cider Vinegar Plus with Green Tea, available ONLY at Botanic Choice. This amazing weight loss supporter blends stronger-than-ever nutrients to give you phenomenal weight loss support.

    8 Amazing Ways Advanced ACV Plus with Green Tea Supports Weight Loss
    The ingredients in this exciting new formula contribute to your weight loss plan eight different ways...

    1. Weight management
    2. Fat oxidation
    3. Fat metabolism
    4. Body composition
    5. Appetite control
    6. Blood glucose metabolism
    7. Limiting fat storage
    8. Energy levels

    It starts with a dieter's classic favorite, apple cider vinegar, chock-full of nutrients for overall health and wellness. To that we've added six more ingredients, key among them is garcinia cambogia . This effective weight loss phytonutrient has been extensively studied for its ability to decrease appetite, increase fat metabolism and burn fat.

    But this fantastic formula gets even better with a generous amount of Green Tea extract to further jumpstart metabolism, foster fat oxidation and burn more fat. Plus, in this formula you also get chromiuim picolinate to help limit fat storage, metabolize glucose and enhance body composition. And if that's not enough, you ALSO get three more weight-loss supporting ingredients. You simply can't go wrong with this winner. Discover it for yourself and see how good you can look and feel!

    The Help You Need to Reach Your Goals

    Each daily dose of Advanced Apple Cider Vinegar Plus with Green Tea now delivers...

    • Garcinia cambogia - Works to reduce total body weight, suppresses appetite and boosts energy. Standardized for 50% hydroxycitric acid.
    • Green tea extract - Encourages fat burning and increased metabolism. Standardized for 95% polyphenols, 75% catechins, and 45% epigallocatechin-3-P-gallate.
      Chromium picolinate - Puts the brakes on fat storage and works to maintain healthy blood glucose levels.
    • Calcium (from garcinia cambogia) - For bone strength and wellness.
    • Apple Cider Vinegar powder - A dieter's traditional favorite loaded with naturally occurring nutrients. Providing 35% acetic acid.
    • Proprietary Blend - Includes cayenne pepper powder (capsaicin), bromelain, ginger root powder, fenugreek seed 4:1 extract, caffeine. This exclusive blend may play a role in increasing physical comfort, energy levels and digestion as well as other issues related to weight.

    Use in conjunction with a reduced calorie diet & exercise plan.

    * These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

  • Reviews
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    4.7 stars, based on 10 reviews

    Customer Web Reviews:

      It really works, August 02, 2015
    By Theresa (DeMotte, IN)
    Bought this for my daughter. She wanted to loose a few pounds. She loves it and the results have been impressive. She had to get a new swim suit she had lost so much weight. Thanks Botanic Choice.
      It Works!, January 14, 2014
    By Bernice (Holbrook, MA)
    I would like to tell anyone who is thinking of trying this product - It Works! After using Apple Cider Vinegar Plus, I can say it has done wonders for my overall comfort. It has also offer weight loss support. Try it and you can keep it off too!
      Works ., May 04, 2013
    By Princess (San Jose, CA)
    I took this last year started right before summer (to get that beach body going). I was exercising. I remember eating what ever I wanted actually. I didn't pig out but I mean, I was going to the gym and eating however. I didn't count calories, I just eyeballed what I ate. I think this product helped me maintain my weight because I was a constant 123 pounds almost all summer long and I would take 1 pill everyday (not timed or scheduled a certain way but i did take it in the morning each day). Even on days when I didn't exercise, I took a pill and it was to help with my weight for the day. I had a banging hot body. I'm currently 130-129 right now and I'm trying to loose more weight only because I'm a model and I'm trying to look good in my pictures, but anyways, I thought this was the best weight loss product I've tried so far. I think I did loose weight if not maintained it and that is why I'm considering going back to using this product again only so it can help me loose weight so I can get that awesome bikini summer body. Oh and by the way I remember doing alot more crunches and stuff (core exercises) last year (2012) and I'm 20 years old so I'm still young. (:
      Advanced ACVP with Green tea, April 24, 2013
    By Linda (McKenzie, TN)
    Your ACV Plus GT is wonderful. I believe they help me maintain my blood sugar levels and help manage my weight. I recommend them to everyone.
      These are awesome!, April 23, 2013
    By Anonymous (, )
    These are awesome! I can tell Advanced ACV Plus is working by the way my clothes fit and I can see it in my stomach. It definitely curbs my appetite and I have so much more energy. Thanks for a great product. I will be ordering more!
      I am quite satisfied, April 18, 2013
    By Carol (Egg Harbor City, NJ)
    I am very satisfied with ACV Plus product and prices.
      This is a great product, April 18, 2013
    By Linda (Dickson, TN)
    Your ACV Plus has helped me with my weight and blood sugar. Such a wonderful product.
      This product really works!, March 27, 2013
    By Angela (Las Vegas, NV)
    I went from a size Large to Small again! I have told all my friends about Apple Cider Vinegar Plus which I also take with Colon Cleanse, Cinnamon, and Chromium. As someone who also has blood sugar and blood pressure concerns, I am living proof Botanic Choice products work!
      Makes a difference, March 20, 2013
    By Patricia (Mableton, GA)
    I just started taking your ACV Plus a few months ago and can already tell the difference.
      "Plus" to my health, March 20, 2013
    By Patsy (Clio, MI)
    Advanced ACV Plus is not only good for maintaining a healthy weight, but it's been a "plus" to my health by making me more comfortable.
  • Suggested Use
    1 capsule 3 times daily, preferably with a meal. Use in conjunction with a reduced calorie diet & exercise plan.


These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Please, consult your physician. Testimonials and product reviews reflect individual people’s unique experiences and opinions and should not be viewed as professional advice. Individual results may vary. Due to their unique specialization in vitamin therapy and nutrition, our doctors are provided compensation for their expertise.