arganVirgin argan oil is one of the rarest oils in the world, prized for its scarcity and health benefits. The oil is painstakingly extracted from the nuts produced by argan trees, which grow in southwestern Morocco. Native Berber women work in fair-trade firms where they crack the nuts between two stones, a traditional method that has been used for centuries. It can take up to three days to make a liter of argan oil, one reason why the oil is so valuable. Another reason is the benefits of argan oil for hair and skin.

Argan is considered a “dry” oil because it is absorbed almost instantly. Use it sparingly- it only takes a few drops to achieve the argan oil benefits. Argan oil penetrates split ends and enhances the elasticity of dry or damaged hair. For the best results, use argan oil with other healthy hair practices, such as avoiding excessive sun exposure and limiting the use of heated styling tools. Dry skin may also benefit from the application of argan oil. Unlike some other skin care products, argan will not cause breakouts in people with naturally oily skin. The use of argan oil for nails moisturizes cuticles and supports healthy nails.

When shopping for argan oil, there are a few things to look out for. Many inferior products contain fillers and chemicals- look for those that say 100% argan oil. Be wary of products in clear or plastic bottles. Argan oil breaks down in light and should only be packaged in a dark glass bottle. Botanic Choice’s Virgin Argan Oil is of the highest quality and available at a very affordable price! The benefits of pure virgin argan oil for hair and skin will make you smile!

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