healthy women take calcium and vitamin DLike men’s health, women’s health becomes more difficult to manage as you age. Two nutrients are key in women’s health: calcium, and the sunshine vitamin, vitamin D. Let’s take a look at the key role each plays in promoting women’s health.


Once you hit 35, your bones begin to lose calcium. Once you hit menopause, the loss of calcium accelerates. In order to prevent major skeletal problems or damage, both women and men must have a sufficient intake of calcium. The mineral also plays a key role in fight against osteoporosis. If you’re not a milk or dairy fan, you can find calcium in oranges, leafy greens, and supplements.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D plays a major role in both helping calcium build strong bones and regulating other parts of your body. In fact, vitamin D is responsible for boosting your body’s ability to absorb calcium. A lack of vitamin D may lead to depression, skin cancer, heart disease, and potential pregnancy problems. Vitamin D also acts as an immune system regulator. Despite all of these benefits, experts still estimate that up to 80% of Americans are vitamin D deficient. True, your body creates Vitamin D when you get sufficient sun exposure. However, modern sedentary lifestyles and indoor “desk jobs” keep people indoors and away from the sun. While you can find vitamin D in some kinds of fish and some fortified dairy, supplements may still be required to ensure you have enough to see health benefits.

Both vitamin D and calcium play a key role in supporting women’s health, so drink your milk and get out into the sun! Remember, before adding any calcium or Vitamin D supplement to your diet, talk with your health care provider first.

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