In just a few more days you’ll notice a dramatic change in the look and feel of the Botanic Choice website. Rest assured, your experience is at the heart of this overhaul. You’ll still find the same great products at the same fantastic prices. However, you’ll be able to find them faster, get more relevant information about your health, and have a better overall shopping experience.

Here is a recap of just some of the exciting features:

  • New look, with a wider overall site resolution allows for a straighter path to the products and services you use most.
  • Larger, clearer search field with autocomplete and misspellings correction.
  • More exciting product features; check out our featured product carousel, including customer favorites and super savers!
  • Interact and connect with us through Facebook and social networking sites.
  • Access the blog and HealthNotes more readily with thousands of helpful and informative articles.
  • Use our new, streamlined navigation with multiple levels of navigation for you to more easily browse our product assortment.
  • Note the new mini cart; provides for an uninterrupted shopping experience.
  • Use the new guided navigation throughout the search and category pages.
  • Search not only our product assortment, but also take view articles and bestsellers for every search term you enter.
  • View our products with larger, easier to view images throughout the site.
  • Take advantage of our auto refill program and lock in sale prices on the products you use the most!

You can also preview the new look for the site by clicking on the picture below.

Speaking of beautification, have you tried our line of beauty products? From skin creams to hair-care and even nutritional supplements formulated to help your gorgeousness shine, Botanic Spa, Pretty Goods, and Change of Face products from Botanic Choice should be your choice for high quality personal care.

Feel free to leave your comments below or contact us today. New Design

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