Middle age weight gainGetting older has its benefits, right?  After all, the career is well established, the kids are safely off to college and the house has reverted into the peaceful haven that once existed only in your dreams.  Unfortunately, during the busy years of raising kids and building this life, the numbers on the scale have risen, a little each and every year until the digits of a healthy weight number was just a memory.

One Step Forward and Two Steps Back ?

Motivation may have ebbed and flowed over the years with frantic episodes of experimentation spurred by the latest weight loss craze or splurging on another large, ugly piece of torture equipment “guaranteed” to give you back the body of your dreams.

The fact is, that as the body ages it becomes more conservative and this thermogenic process is slowed.  Even with a carefully balanced diet, the body will use less of the calories it is given for fuel and begin to store more of them as fat, resulting in slowed thermogenic activity and a creeping weight gain.

Stoking The Fire Within

Finding a way to rev up the bodies thermogenic process can help the body use the calories it takes in and prevent them from ending up as fat.  Eating well, regular exercise and alleviating stress are all important factors in preventing the body from storing fat, but there are also natural herbal remedies that may promote improved thermogenic action in the body.  Green tea, ginger, cinnamon and raspberry ketones are just some of the herbal components being studied to see what benefits they might have in the battle against middle age weight gain.

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