green tea may help support healthy weight controlWhether you’re starting a new diet, or trying to jump-start your weight loss efforts, you may want to include Green Tea as part of your daily intake.

Due to its high concentration of catechins polyphenols, or plant chemicals, Green Tea can foster fat burning and increase the process of thermogenesis, or generation of heat/energy.

Simply put, it helps speed up your metabolism to help you burn additional calories. Not to mention its proven effectiveness as a powerful antioxidant – up to 200% more powerful than Vitamin E. In short, Green Tea aids your weight loss efforts by:

  • Helping burn fat and increase metabolism
  • Offering greater calorie burn
  • Reducing the absorption of fats
  • Suppressing the appetite naturally
  • Boosting your immune system (an added bonus when dieting!)

Green Tea is available in traditional loose leaf for brewing, in tea bags, or as a capsule supplement.

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