Poetic testimonials from our customersWe’ve had a huge response to our “Tell Us Your Story and Win” contest. The contest continues, by the way, until May 1st! It’s not too late, check out the details. In addition to some absolutely WONDERFUL stories about their experiences with Botanic Choice, some very clever and creative customers have expressed themselves in poetry. Here are just a few of the many poetic accolades recently received by happy, satisfied customers across the country:

For years Botanic Choice has helped to keep
My mind, my heart, my eyes alive,
And so much more that today I find
That even at 93, I thrive.
Katherine Inman, Poomac Falls, VA

The supplements in Botanic Choice
have led me to rejoice
For leg pain is now part of my past
And a brighter future has been cast
Blood circulates as it should
And the log jam in my head
has left that sillier old neighborhood
Illnesses there are a plenty
and good remedies to prevent and repair
are everywhere in Botanic Choice.
So take my advice and utilize
the knowledge that is clear and waiting
for you on their detailed pages.
RoseCosden, Albuquerque, NM

How much do we love you? Let me count the ways.
Your products tried and true, make us feel better all over!
Completely natural vitamins, supplements and homeopathic system that works
Concise description of your products make it a cinch to shop and choose
Money-saving bonus offers and customer favorite items we’ve tried and liked
Pleasant and knowledgeable order takers and fast delivery
all this and satisfaction guaranteed – how can we lose?
Thank you for helping us live wisely and older. We’re on our way – past 85!
Mary Pat Haack, Bend, OR

If you or a loved one has a story to tell or a poem to share about health and wellness and Botanic Choice, we’d LOVE to hear from you. Check out our growing list of testimonials by visiting our website, or submit a story or poem of your own with our easy-to-use portal.

Feel free to leave your comment, share with your social network, or contact us today.

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