health benefits of ginger, honey, cayenne, and apple cider vinegarIt’s winter, and colds and the flu are running rampant all over. Here in the Midwest, it’s uncommon to talk with someone who doesn’t have someone they know or someone in their family feeling under the weather.

Just about everyone has experienced the uncomfortable anguish of a cold or of the flu, and it’s no fun. While these are, in fact, viral diseases for which there is no cure, here is a great home remedy used by many with common household items to help make the symptoms just a little more bearable:

Feel-Good Tea Recipe

Dissolve the cayenne and ginger root in the apple cider vinegar or empty the capsules and combine all of the first three ingredients together in a mug. Add honey. Mix well. Add the hot water to the mug. Allow the mixture to steep for about a minute and enjoy. Sweet, spicy, with just a touch of acidic bite, this tea will help you warm up and feel in the pink again soon.

Remember, make sure you stay hydrated at all times and get plenty of rest. Consult your physician.

If you want to keep your body’s defenses up, consider taking a great antioxidant supplement like our Super Berry Complex, Ultra Olive Leaf, or Astragalus.

*This article is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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