springtime doldrumsSpring is finally here and after such a long, cold winter, it is certainly welcomed with open arms.  Just getting out into the sunshine and fresh air can do wonders to help clear out the winter doldrums and restore us to brighter spirits, but sometimes a little extra help may be needed.

The effect of shorter daylight hours coupled with the effects of reduced activity during the past winter often leaves us feeling less than optimal as we head into springtime.  Leftover feelings of anxiety, restlessness and difficulties with sleep  are all commonly noted during this change of season.  Thankfully, there are some common sense ideas to help with this transition and give us back our energetic edge.

Let Mother Nature Help

Even though our problems might have been complicated by the natural phenomena of winter weather and shortened hours of daylight, nature can also help solve these problems.  Throughout time, man has used nature’s herbs to boost mood in addition to a myriad of other uses.

Lemon Balm is one herb with a particularly interesting resume.  The benefits of Lemon Balm, or Melissa officinalis, as it is called in scientific terms, are said to be calming in nature.  This calming effect may be helpful in relieving stress, anxiety, and restlessness, as well as helping with mood stabilization.  As a word of caution, when using any herbal supplement it is best to use standardized tablets or liquid forms to maximize the safety and effectiveness of the herb.

An additional way to help fortify your body naturally is simply to spend some time in the sunshine each day.  Your body manufactures Vitamin D by exposing your bare skin to the warming rays of the sun for just a few minutes each day.  Adequate Vitamin D levels are essential to help the body perform many functions and are thought to also help in reducing the effects of tension and stress.   Sunshine and herbals, what a great, and natural, way to take care of our health!

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One Response to Do You Have the Spring Blahs?

  1. M. Walker says:

    Lemon balm has certainly helped me. I refuse to use prescription drugs and have learned that there is almost always a natural alternative that is better for you.

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