A Native American plant that has been used for centuries for it’s medicinal qualities may hold health benefits specifically to the needs of women through all stages of life. Black Cohosh, or bugbane (so named for its insect-repellent properties) is not only one of Botanic Choice’s most popular nutritional supplements, but it is a natural herbal remedy which has supported women’s health for generations. Clinical studies have suggested that Black Cohosh promotes hormonal balance during menstruation and menopause, easing anxiety, discomfort, mood fluctuations, and occasional sleeplessness.

Even as far back as 1917, our founder, Joseph Meyer, wrote about this wonderful herb in his flagship book, “The Herbalist.” Here is the excerpt from this highly regarded handbook of herbal remedies:

Black Cohosh (Cimicifuga Racemosa, Crowfoot Family)

Common Names: Rattleroot, Squaw Root, Black Snake Root

Medicinal Part: The root

Description: This plan is a tall, leafy perennial herb with a large knotty root, having long slender fibres. The stem is simple, smooth, and furrowed and from three to nine feet high. The flower is a small and fetid one.
It is a native of the United States, inhabiting upland woods and hillsides, and flowering from May to August. The root is the medicinal part. it contains a resin to which the names of Cimicifugin or Macrtin have been given; likewise fatty substances, starch, gum, tannic acid, etc. The leaves of Cimicifuga are said to drive away bugs; hence its name from cimex, a bug, and fugo, to drive away.
Boiling water takes up the properties of the root, but partially, alcohol wholly.

Properties and Uses: It is a very active and useful remedy in many conditions. It is slightly narcotic, sedative, and antispasmodic.
It exerts a tonic influence over mucous and serious tissues, and is a superior remedy of ailments, according to the Exclectic School of Medicine.

Dose: Two teaspoonfuls of the root to a pint of boiling water. Drink cold, two or three tablespoonsful six times a day. Of the tincture, 10 to 20 min.

Today, Botanic Choice features Black Cohosh in an easy-to-take liquid extract. Liquid extracts are a great way to supplement because they are versatile (you can add them to just about any tea, water, smoothie, and fruit juice beverage) and they are readily and rapidly absorbed.


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