Fumitory Herb for skin healthFumitory has medicinal uses known to humans for centuries. Native to North Africa and Europe, it possesses powerful support for skin health among other health benefits. Usually difficult to find, Botanic Choice is proud to have plenty of Fumitory Herb supplements in stock today. The following excerpt is from our founder’s flagship book “The Herbalist” by Joseph Meyer:

Fumitory (Fumaria Offincinalis, Poppy Family)
Common names: Hedge Fumatory, Earth Smoke
Medicinal part: The leaves
Description: Fumitory is an annual, glaucous plant, with a sub-erect, much-branched, spreading, leafy, and angular stem, growing from ten to fifteen inches high. The leaves are mostly alternative. Culpepper, who knew the plant which is now used better than anybody else, said that “at the top of the branches stand many flowers, as it were, in a long spike one above another, formed like little birds of a reddish purple color, with whitish bellies, after which come small round husks containing small black seeds. The root is small, yellow, and not very long, and full of juice when it is young.” The fruit, or nut, if ovid or globose, one-seeded or valveless. The seeds are crestless.

Fumitory is found growing in cultivated soils in Europe and American, and flowers in May, June, and July. The leaves are the parts used. Culpepper recommended the whole plant, but the modern decision is to use the leaves, gathered at the proper time, alone. They have no odor, but taste bitter under all circumstances. They are to be used when fresh, and possess the same qualities as Culpepper affixes to the fresh root, viz: malate of lime and bitter extractive principles.

Properties and uses: Its virtues appear to be those of a gentle tonic and alterative, and in large doses it seems to have laxative and diuretic properties. An infusion of the leaves is usually given in a wineglassful every four hours.

Dose: Steep a heaping teaspoonfull of these leaves into a cup of boiling water for half hour. When cold drink 1 or 2 cupfuls a day, a good cupful at a time. Of the tincture 1/2 to 1 fl. dr.

Luckily, today our Fumitory Herb nutritional supplement can be found in a convenient capsule form, with our guarantee of potency, quality, and effectiveness. Thanks for visiting our blog today. Contact us or leave your comments below.

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