Vanilla BeansA friend on Facebook and life coach posted an article recently on the calming effects of vanilla to relieve stress. Stress remains an ongoing problem with people of all ages, and studies have proven that stress can lead to a variety of health conditions including everything from eczema, mood swings, and even heart problems.

Vanilla has been known for ages to lighten one’s mood. It has even been mentioned in the flagship book by our founder, Joseph Meyer, “The Herbalist.” Here below is an excerpt from the book:

Vanilla (Vanilla Aromatica)

Medicinal Part: The fruit or pods
Description: Vanilla Aromatica is a shrubby, climbing, aerial parasite, growing in the clefts of rocks, or attaching itself to the trunks of trees. It suspends itself to contiguous objects, and is truly and aerial plant. The stem is round, about as thick as the finger, from twenty to thirty feet in length, and often thicker at the summit than at the base. The leaves are alternate, oblong, entire, on short petioles, green fleshy, and pointed by a species of bean, yellow or buff color, of an agreeable aromatic odor; the beans must be dried with care or they will lose their properties.
     Vanilla grows in Mexico and other parts of tropical South America. There are several species which are supposed to furnish the vanilla of commerce. It yields its virtues to water or alcohol.
Properties and Uses: Vanilla has been employed for its stimulating action, but its use today is as a flavoring agent.

In addition to soothing the mind, vanilla has been used as a tonic for soothing an upset tummy. However, the most widely known use for vanilla is baking. Quick tip: if you are trying to sell your home, bake some vanilla cookies or simply warm some Vanilla Essential Oil to create a “buying mood” for your prospects.

Botanic Choice is proud to carry an array of aromatherapy products and essential oils which includes our Vanilla Essential Oil. Try some today.

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