Vitamin A for health and wellnessWe all want to live happy, fulfilled lives and feel our best each day. So why then is it so easy to put ourselves last? In the daily grind, people can even end up putting simple tasks that are low on their priority list above taking care of their own health. It’s important to breathe deeply when you find that happening and try to focus on better ways to take care of yourself.

One sometimes overlooked way of doing that is being vigilant about food choices you make, and that means getting enough vitamins and minerals. Vitamin A is one such vitamin that has many health benefits and is also an important antioxidant.

This wonder vitamin contributes to a health immune system and promotes cell growth. Vitamin A is also important for healthy, strong vision. It may help to also promote urinary health. Additionally, it helps promote healthy skin by combating free radicals.

The American Heart Association recommends getting an adequate dose of Vitamin A by consuming whole grains, fruits, and vegetables. Among the foods that contain it are carrots, sweet potatoes, cantaloupe melons, apricots, and tomatoes. If someone does not get enough from their diet, it’s also a good idea to take a daily supplement. Those who are trying to conceive may especially want to take a supplement of Vitamin A as it’s noted for being essential to the reproductive systems of men and women.

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