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Health and Wellness

The Best Spring Cleaning Your Body Can Do

Imagine if when you took your garbage out, you left most of it on the back porch. Only a couple of crumpled napkins and an old ketchup bottle make it all the way to the curb. What would your back porch look like after a few weeks?

Well, think of your colon as your back porch. It’s the exit for your body’s waste. Everything you put into your body goes through a precise sorting system as it passes through to your digestive tract. By the time it gets to your colon, all that’s left is trash.  

While a few bits of waste may be able pass through, the rest accumulates, which in turn gets in the way and makes even more stuff accumulate. Before long, your colon is no longer a smooth exit, but clogged and the entire digestive system slows down too.

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