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Don’t Fall for the 5 Biggest Cholesterol Lies

investigating the truth about cholesterol

You can’t watch TV without being bombarded by cholesterol commercials. It’s true that cholesterol problems do plague millions of Americans. Launched in the 1980s, statin-based cholesterol lowering medication has soared to be the No. 1 prescribed drug in the United States. The good news is, you can help maintain cholesterol already in the normal range, naturally. The bad news is, too many people believe all the lies they’ve heard about cholesterol so they don’t even give natural methods a chance. Here we dispel the five biggest cholesterol lies. Don’t fall for them!

Lie No. 1: “You must rely on medical professionals to keep a lid on your cholesterol.”

NO WAY! The medical establishment has a vested interest in keeping you dependent on them for controlling cholesterol, even if it costs you an arm and a leg or puts your health in danger needlessly.

Did you know that statin-based cholesterol-lowering medications deplete your body of the much-needed nutrient CoQ-10? CoQ-10 provides the energy for every cell in your body. It’s to your body what gas is to your car. Without enough of it, your cells sputter. Your body produces CoQ-10 naturally, with peak levels around age 20. After that it declines and statins deplete it even further.

But the fact is, YOU can manage your cholesterol already in the normal range, safely without worrying about side effects like further depletion of CoQ-10.

Think about it. How did the human race survive for thousands of years without modern doctors and their fancy solutions? People must’ve done something right!

Lie No.2: “Natural solutions for keeping your cholesterol low and healthy are unproven or don’t work.”

NOT TRUE! Many doctors love to bash natural solutions and write them off as foolish “wives tales” or “folk medicine.” They ignorantly say, “There are no studies to prove them.”

But never underestimate the healing power of nature. In fact, many people see great results in managing their cholesterol already in the normal range safely using natural nutrients. You probably even know a few people yourself.

Lie No. 3: “To control your cholesterol, your only option is to select low and no cholesterol foods exclusively.”

FALSE! You can bet the big food manufacturers want you to believe this. Why? So you’ll keep buying their low cholesterol or no cholesterol foods. Have you noticed that even with these types of foods on the market in the last few decades, cholesterol is an even bigger problem?

The truth is, the cholesterol you get from foods affects only 15 percent or less of your overall cholesterol. I’m not advocating you gorge yourself on fatty, fast food hamburgers every day – only that the claim that what you eat greatly affects your cholesterol is way overblown.

Lie No. 4: “You must exercise like a fitness fanatic in order to keep your cholesterol low.”

JUST NOT SO! Some folks exercise like crazy only to feel crushed when their cholesterol doesn’t budge.

But rest assured, the right kinds of nutrients can help you manage your cholesterol levels already in the normal range, even if exercise fails.

Lie No. 5: “Only old, sick and overweight people need to worry about cholesterol.”

DON’T BELIEVE IT! While you’re at an advantage if you’re young and trim, it doesn’t mean you’re safe from cholesterol concerns. Genetics play an important role in cholesterol too. That’s why many doctors recommend regular cholesterol testing beginning in early adulthood and especially after age 45 or if there’s a history of heart concerns.