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Botanic Choice Premium Formulas

You can only find these at Botanic Choice! Our Premium Formulas deliver highly-researched, innovative ingredients, often patented for superior results. Their gold labels reflect the quality that goes into their development and production, featuring the exact dosages and combination of ingredients that nutritional science indicates for maximum effectiveness.

Just about every health concern has a Premium Formula including blood sugar, nerve support, thyroid, vision, respiratory, memory, and beauty to name a few. When you want the best-of-the-best choose Botanic Choice’s Premium Formulas.

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Gluco-Care Complete
60 Capsules
For Amazing Insulin Support
MSRP 52.00
Testosterone Advantage with Testofen®
90 Capsules

Libido, Vitality and Energy

MSRP 72.00
90 Vege Capsules
Our Strongest Respiratory Formula
MSRP 70.00
Daily Immune Support
90 Capsules

All-in-One Immune Supporter

MSRP 25.00
Hair, Skin & Nails Formula
60 Capsules
Complete Beauty Care from Within
MSRP 38.00
Maximum Strength Neuro Support Plus® LX
90 capsules
Natural Comfort for Feet & Legs
MSRP 74.00
Fast-Acting Joint Comfort with Natural Eggshell Membrane
60 capsules
Feel the Difference...Right Away!
MSRP 60.00
Maximum Strength Opti Gold®
60 Vege Capsules
More Lutein, Zeaxanthin & Bilberry
MSRP 48.00
Memory Max™
60 Tablets

Better Focus When Multi-Tasking

MSRP 60.00
Stress Complex™ with Saffron
60 Vege Capsules

Stress-Busting, All-Herbal Blend  

MSRP 32.00
Thyroid Complete™
60 Vege Capsules
The Secret Cause of Stubborn Fat?
MSRP 44.00

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