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Indiana Botanic Gardens Profile

Founded: 1910 by Joseph Meyer

Owners: Tim Cleland, president and CEO; Tamara Cleland, vice president manufacturing and quality control.

Size: 220 employees (manufacturing, customer service, marketing)

Description: Multi-channel retailer and wholesaler of natural herbal remedies, vitamins, herb supplements, teas and beauty products under Botanic Choice name.

Location: 3401 W. 37th Ave., Hobart


Joseph Meyer acquired a curiousity about plants and nature at a young age from his father, who was a photographer and often worked in the forests and fields of Northwest Indiana in the late 1800s. In young adulthood, Joseph found employment as a printer and was employed by The Hammond Times.

After settling in Hammond, Indiana, Joseph combined his knowledge of printing and nature and created a catalog that sold herbs and natural herbal remedies. The business was originally called the Indiana Herb Garden and began in a small cottage in the rear of his family's home in Hammond.

In 1918, a 400-page book, The Herbalist was printed and the business expanded. Following the success of The Herbalist, a decision was made to create an annual publication. In 1925, The Herbalist Almanac was brought into publication. The almanac contained listings of the herbs and remedies that the company sold, along with recipes, Indian weather forecasts, treatments for common ailments, popular songs of the day, advice on farming issues and more. In 1979, after fifty-four years of publication, The Herbalist Almanac was retired, but original copies are often available on Internet auction sites. The Herbalist book remains in print.

Eventually the business was passed on to his grandson David Meyer, who is still part of the organization, along with great-grandson Tim Cleland, current president of the company. In 1990, the company moved from Hammond to nearby Hobart, Indiana, and began selling vitamins and other nutritional supplements in addition to bulk herbals. The new Hobart location has a retail store and also sells wholesale products. In recent years, the company stopped growing its own herbs and began buying them from suppliers.

To read the full company history, see The History of Botanic Choice

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