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Botanic Choice - Sugar Equilibrium II  - 60 capsules

Sugar Equilibrium II™

For Optimum Blood Sugar Protection

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60 capsules
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  • Product Info

    Benefits of Sugar Equilibrium II:

    • Combines a potent cinnamon extract with six more traditional blood sugar supporters
    • Encourages efficient glucose absorption with vital nutrients, including fenugreek
    • Fosters healthy carbohydrate metabolism
    • Maintains cholesterol and blood sugar levels already in the normal range

    If you’re concerned about maintaining your blood sugar in the normal range then Sugar Equilibrium II may be a good choice for you. It’s a blend of seven key ingredients, including cinnamon and fenugreek.  that work to provide the essentials for healthy balanced blood sugar when taken as part of the daily diet.

    In addition, Sugar Equilibrium II supports healthy pancreas function. As you may know your pancreas is responsible for producing at least four different types of cells including insulin-producing beta cells which are essential to proper blood sugar balance.

    Blood Sugar's Role in Your Health

    Most of us don't think about our blood sugar/glucose on a daily basis, yet it's vital for our very existence. Blood sugar is to your body what gasoline is to your car. It fuels your cells.  Without a steady stream of gas your car sputters to a halt. Same thing with your blood sugar. Every cell requires an ongoing supply of blood sugar to stay energized and functioning. While you want to keep your blood sugar "tank" full, you don't want it to be overflowing. That's where insulin comes in. Insulin injects blood sugar into your cells where it's converted to energy. As you can see these systems need to work in perfect harmony in order for you to stay in tip-top shape.

    We All Need to Care About Our Blood Sugar

    If you think blood sugar is not a concern of yours, think again. You should care about it if you...

    • Experience a mid-afternoon slump
    • Become hungry in the middle of the night
    • Reach for sweets like candy or cookies for an energy boost
    • Frequently raid the refrigerator because you feel starved

    Sugar Equilibrium II Works to Support Blood Sugar Levels

    Sugar Equilibrium II, exclusively from Botanic Choice, delivers seven ingredients to support blood sugar levels already in the normal range. With each daily dose you get...White kidney bean extract, Banaba leaf extract, Cinnamon 10:1 extract, Fenugreek 4:1 extract, Green tea extract, Gymnema sylvestre extract, and Alpha lipoic acid.

    One ingredient in particular, banaba leaf extract, is of particular interest. The botanical name of banaba is Lagerstroemia speciosa, which can be found growing in Bataan, on the islands of northern Luzon and Palawan, and in the Sulu Archipelago. Its leaves, which contain corosolic acid,  have been popular in  in Southeast Asia and the Philippines for blood sugar support. In recent years, the leaves of Lagerstroemia speciosa have been studied in human trials with promising results.

    Another ingredient, fenugreek, contains galactomannan which is thought to slow down the absorption of sugar into the blood stream. In addition, fenugreek is made up of key amino acids that foster the production of insulin. Like a one-two blood sugar punch! Fenugreek is so important to Sugar Equilibrium II, we use only a powerful fenugreek extract, your assurance of a consistent, potent dose every time. 

    Try Sugar Equilibrium II and see how great your health can be, the natural way!


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  • Suggested Use
    1 capsule 2 times daily before meals


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