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Watch your blood pressure! Because people “feel fine” too often they neglect it. Botanic Choice offers several options to maintain blood pressure levels already in the normal range.

Herbal supplementation can support healthy blood pressure throughout your life. Time tested and scientifically studied garlic, grapefruit seed extract, and hawthorn berry are very popular choices by our customers. However, our specially formulated Blood Pressure Complex™ promotes blood pressure health by promoting homocysteine levels already in the normal range naturally.

Hawthorn Berry 500 mg. SAVE 25%

Hawthorn Berry 500 mg. For Cardiovascular System Health

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Super Garlic Plus Cayenne™ SAVE 44%
Odorless Garlic Oil benefits cholesterol and blood pressure SAVE 27%
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Super Garlic Plus Cayenne™ SAVE 44%


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