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"Better to be deprived of food for three days, then tea for one." (Ancient Chinese Proverb)

This proverb is now truer than ever as modern science is confirming what the ancients always knew – tea is good for you. The following teas have stood the test of time and been used for thousands of years for everything from occasional seasonal complaints to ongoing health concerns like heart, digestion and immunity. 

You choose medicinal teas for a reason – you want to feel better. That's why quality,  freshness, and effectiveness matter, and that's exactly what you'll find right here at Botanic Choice.

We go to great lengths to ensure only the best raw materials are used and testing is performed at many stages. All of our tea suppliers are highly respected in the industry and each has been personally visited, inspected, and audited for quality. Back in 1910 we began our business by supplying medicinal teas. Today we have millions of customers worldwide.  See how much healthier you can feel with these amazing teas.

Papaya Leaf Tea Bags by Botanic Choice SAVE 62%
Chamomile Tea Bags by Botanic Choice SAVE 62%

Chamomile Tea Bags Relax with a Cup

36 tea bagsSale Price! $5.00 add to cart
Dandelion Tea promotes healthy liver and detoxification Value Priced
Rosemary Leaf by Botanic Choice SAVE 17%
Alfalfa Tea Value Priced
Aletris Root by Botanic Choice Value Priced
Nettle Tea (sometimes known as Stinging Nettle) has been used for centuries for overall wellness. Value Priced
St. John's Wort benefits mood and positive outlook SAVE 45%
Valerian Cut Tea by Botanic Choice Value Priced
Hibiscus Flower Tea Bags by Botanic Choice SAVE 54%
Red Clover Tea Benefits Women's Health and Wellness SAVE 58%
Peppermint Tea Bags by Botanic Choice SAVE 59%

Peppermint Tea Bags Soothing and Fresh

36 tea bagsSale Price! $7.00 add to cart
Fenugreek Seed Tea Bags - 36 count - Botanic Choice SAVE 53%
Spearmint Leaf Tea Bags by Botanic Choice SAVE 62%
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