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Tea Tree Oil cleanses skin and nails

Tea Tree Oil

A Terrific Natural Cleanser

1 oz
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  • Product Info

    Melaleuca alternifolia

    • Topical cleanser for skin, nails, more
    • A must-have for any home
    • Light spicy aroma
    • External use only

    Native to Australia, the malaleuca tree, from which tea tree oil is derived, is an evergreen-type tree similar to a cypress. It grows to a height of about twenty feet. It is hardy, growing even after it's been cut down. Traditionally the Australian Aborigines used it for a variety of medicinal uses, especially for the skin. During WWII, soldiers were issued Tea Tree Oil as part of their military kit. Today Tea Tree Oil is used worldwide and included as a key ingredient in soaps, lotions, deodorants and room fresheners.

    Ways to use Tea Tree Oil

    • Blended with other oils or lotions to promote healthy, clean skin
    • Add to shampoo for extra cleansing

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    Customer Web Reviews:

      Plan to keep using it!, October 20, 2012
    By Mose (Freeport, OH)
    I have used your products for over 20 years and we like the results we get. Your Tea Tree Oil is good for cuts and bruises. I plant to keep buying from you.


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