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Give Your Supplements
Time To Work!

Give Your Supplements Time To Work

Vitamins and supplements take time to reach maximum effectiveness. The important thing is to take your proper dose, consistently, every day.

Certain vitamins, like Vitamin C, are water- soluble, so they’re washed out of your system and need to be restored daily. Others, like Vitamins A, D and E are fat-soluble, and must be taken with food in order to be broken down and absorbed by your body. No absorption, no benefits.

Unfortunately, you can’t flood your body with vitamins and minerals over night. Supplements work constantly over a few months to replace your body’s depleted nutrients. Take comfort knowing that you’re working towards good health, naturally. The time you invest will be well worth it.

Now a Believer!
“I am 84 years old and have been taking your supplements for 15 years. They have helped me several different ways to age less painfully and more comfortably. I was skeptical, but am a believer now!”
William C., Washington
Loyal Customer for Years!
“I have been using your products for several years and feel they have helped me feel great inside and out.”
Myrtle A., Georgia
Your Products are the Best!
“Never in my life did I find a catalog with products that are for every need and at such a good price. I buy from Botanic Choice 3 times a month. I’m now healthier, my skin looks younger, my nails feel strong and my hair looks terrific! I tried every catalog from A-Z and none of them are as good as yours.”
Lisa M., New York
Love the Variety!
“Very impressed with your product consistency and variety. I’ve used your company for years. Your regular sales are great! Save a buck here and there- buy more product that way!” VERY Pleased Customer!
Kimberly F., California
Feels Better!
“I feel so much better taking your vitamins. I am able to do my job as a teacher every day. Thank you.”
Susan N., South Dakota


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