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Vitamin E is a classic vitamin and antioxidant that fosters cardiovascular and circulatory health. Fat-soluble Vitamin E also promotes healthy tissue while helping to maintain healthy skin and hair. No wonder it’s been popular for decades!

In addition to Vitamin E nutritional supplements, Botanic Choice is also proud to offer Lip Smooth--a lip balm that keeps your lips soft and full of shine--and Emu Oil with Vitamin E to moisturize skin cells and support healthy supple skin without clogging pores.

NOW Foods Vitamin E-Oil Double Strength 1 oz

NOW Foods
Vitamin E-Oil Double Strength
Antioxidant Protection

1 oz.Sale Price! $16.50 Buy 2 or more for $16.00 each add to cart
Vitamin E dl-Alpha benefits cardiovascular and immune health

Vitamin E dl-Alpha 400 IU Knocks Out Free Radicals

90 softgelsSale Price! $6.00 Buy 2 or more for $5.00 each add to cart

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