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Essential oils are extremely concentrated fragrant extracts from blossoms, leaves, or roots. The oils are typically diluted with carrier oils, such as sweet almond, jojoba or grape seed. Mostly, essential oils are used externally through massage therapy, as a compress on the skin, added to a bath, diffused into the air via potpourri,sachet or ceramic rings. With renewed interest in eco-friendly products, essential oils can be used to create soaps or even added to water to freshen a room while you clean.

Basil Oil 8oz. SAVE 17%
Rosemary Essential Oil for energy and alertness SAVE 43%
Cypress Floral Oil soothes and calms mind and spirit SAVE 44%
Cajeput Essential Oil SAVE 33%
Thyme Essential Oil aroma eases stress SAVE 43%
Sage Essential Oil SAVE 15%
Jasmine Floral Oil boosts confidence and clears the mind SAVE 50%

Jasmine Floral Oil Rejuvenates!

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Lilac Floral Oil for a feminine perfume SAVE 50%
Orange Blossom Floral Oil benefits romance and skin health SAVE 50%
Add Eucalyptus Essential Oil to massage lotions and oil SAVE 50%
Tea Tree Oil cleanses skin and nails SAVE 17%
Honeysuckle Floral Oil aroma promotes energy SAVE 50%
Rose Floral Oil aroma benefits romance and passion SAVE 50%
Lavender Essential Oil calms mind and body SAVE 37%
Clove Essential Oil for aromatherapy and cooking SAVE 40%
Cinnamon Essential Oil for aromatherapy and cooking SAVE 28%
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