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Super C Plus™ by Botanic Choice

Super C Plus™

PureWay-C® Plus 5 Additional Health Supporters

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60 capsules
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  • Product Info

    Benefits of Super C Plus:

    • Utilizes an absorbable, patent-pending form of Vitamin C, called PureWay-C®
    • Fortified with five additional ingredients for maximum effectiveness
    • Delivers over 2000 mg. of immune-supporting potency

    Vitamin C that Gets to Work

    Well known for its ability to help shore up your natural defenses and as a powerful anti-aging antioxidant, Vitamin C can sometimes be difficult for your body to absorb. You won't have that problem with our Super C Plus. This advanced  formula is made with PureWay-C®, a form of Vitamin C that has been specially developed to enhance delivery, availability and distribution. The bottom line: it gets to work to keep you healthy.

    In addition to 2,111 mg of Vitamin C from PureWay-C®, this blend also contains...

    • Acerola extract 4:1 — From a shrub native to North and South America, acerola extract benefits your immune system and your skin.  
    • Alfalfa powder — This 20 foot plant contains naturally occurring vitamins, minerals, and other important nutrients for a healthy body.
    • Barley grass powder — An ancient "superfood," barley grass powder provides a myriad of amino acids, and antioxidants to support health and well being.  
    • Citrus bioflavonoid complex — These water soluble compounds come from citrus fruits and various plants and work with Vitamin C.
    • Rutin — Works at the cellular level to scavenge free radicals.

    If you're looking for superior immune system and antioxidant protection, Super C Plus is the one for you.

     PureWay-C® is a registered trademark of Innovation Laboratories, Inc. US and International patents pending.

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  • Suggested Use
    2 capsules once daily with a meal


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