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Botanic Choice's Nutritional Health Experts

Meet the Experts

Our health experts include President Tim Cleland and Vice President Tammy Cleland.

Tim Cleland

Tim Cleland, President of Indiana Botanic Gardens, Inc. is a leading authority on natural health remedies and the great-grandson of founder Joseph Meyer. A voracious reader and herbal enthusiast, Tim stays current with all the recent nutritional studies and scientific research, then directs the team to develop new products based on these findings. Some of these products include best sellers NeuroSupport Plus, Thyroid Complex, and OptiGold vision formula.

“For four generations our family has been devoted to helping others lead healthier, happier lives through natural remedies,” says Tim. “I am thrilled that I’ve had a part in bringing products that have helped millions of people feel their best.”

Tim is proud to be a long-time member of the Natural Products Association, American Herbal Products Association and the esteemed American Botanical Council.

Since 1980 Tim has led the company along with his sister and Vice President Tammy Cleland.

Tammy Cleland

Tammy Cleland brings expertise to quality control and testing to ensure only the best ingredients are used in all Botanic Choice products. An accomplished multi-tasker, Tammy also oversees supplier selection, a vital first-step in product development.

She says, “Our suppliers are well-known and respected industry leaders. Most have partnered with us for many years.” She requires all new suppliers be certified by an independent third party and meet her stringent quality control standards.

To stay up-to-date on emerging product developments, Tammy proactively seeks out new suppliers and attends numerous product and trade shows to bring the latest breakthroughs to her customers.

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