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From land and sea, our green foods give you the finest nature has to offer in an easy to take supplement. For immune support, anti-aging protection, general health and more, try our high quality green foods supplements today.

Reap the health benefits of such "superfoods" as Chlorella and Spirulina in Botanic Choice Chlorella Plus™ and Spirulina Plus™, or get a full bushel of veggie goodness with our popular Vegetable & Fruit tablets or Mega Veggie™. Sometimes it's hard in today's fast-food world to get ALL of the right nutrients for your body. That's why we developed Botanic Choice Whole Foods Power Multi™ to supplement you with the vitamins and minerals contained in green foods and other vital nutrients. Pick up a bottle today!

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Digest Ez ™

Digest Ez ™ Makes Digestion Easy

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