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Use of certain medications such as antibiotics, chronic health issues, and age can deplete your supply of good bacteria in your intestinal tract. This leads to digestive distress, a weakened immune system and generally poor health. By adding probiotics, or “friendly” bacteria, you help keep a proper balance of “good” and “bad” bacteria, encourage proper absorption of nutrients and foster a strong immune system. See what a difference probiotics can make in your life!

Botanic Choice offers several great probiotic nutritional supplements to reintroduce healthy flora to your digestive system to keep your system "right as rain." Ultra Probiotic Essentials™, Probiotic Supreme™ with Bio-tract™, Oral Health Complex™, and Acidophilus Plus™ are formulated with high-quality ingredients to deliver billions of those "friendly" bacteria effectively.

American Health - Enzyme Probiotic Complex

American Health - Enzyme Probiotic Complex

90 Vegetarian CapsulesMSRP: $23.99 add to cart
Bhi Skin Eczema Relief

Bhi Skin Eczema Relief

100 TabletsMSRP: $15.59 add to cart
BioVi Probiotic - Antioxidant Blend

BioVi Probiotic - Antioxidant Blend

30 Chewable TabletsMSRP: $32.99 add to cart
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