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Water-soluble Vitamin C is necessary for normal growth and development. Any unused amounts are excreted daily, which means you need to replenish it regularly. As an antioxidant, Vitamin C works to keep cells and tissues healthy and it also plays a role in skin, blood vessels and bone health.

Super C Plus™ delivers over 2000mg of Vitamin C plus other health-boosting nutrients to support your immune system. In addition to nutritional supplements, try Vitamin C Cream with readily-absorbed PureWay-C® which offers superior protection from the signs of aging.

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Botanic Choice - Super C Plus  - 60 capsules

Super C Plus™

PureWay-C® Plus 5 Additional Health Supporters

60 capsulesSale Price! $8.00 Buy 2 or more for $7.50 each add to cart


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