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Feeling bloated? Lethargic? Difficulty concentrating? Could be toxic overload. Detoxification has gone main stream as Americans try to rid their system of excess sludge, toxins and chemicals.

#739 Colon Clear Formula has been trusted for decades by Botanic Choice customers for maintaining a clean and healthy colon.

We also have wonderful herbal supplements that support detoxification including Milk Thistle and Dandelion Root.

Discover for yourself how much better you can feel.

Botanic Choice - Pro-Advanced Formula #220  - 60 capsules

Pro-Advanced Formula #220™ Tired of Leaking? Always Having to "Go?"

60 capsulesSale Price! $19.99 Buy 2 or more for $18.99 each add to cart
Botanic Choice - Cran-Plus  - 60 tablets

Cran-Plus™ Cleanse Your Kidneys, Ease Excess Water and Bloating

60 tabletsSale Price! $10.99 Buy 2 or more for $9.99 each add to cart
Botanic Choice - Dandelion Root 520 mg. - 90 capsules

Dandelion Root 520 mg. Supports Liver Health, Cleanses and Aids Digestion

90 capsulesSale Price! $5.00 Buy 2 or more for $4.75 each add to cart
Botanic Choice - Milk Thistle - 100 capsules

Milk Thistle Time-tested Liver Protector

100 capsulesSale Price! $7.50 add to cart
Botanic Choice - Homeopathic Bladder Confidence  Formula - 90 tablets

Homeopathic Bladder Confidence™ Traditional Homeopathic

90 tabletsSale Price! $6.00 Buy 3 or more for $5.00 each add to cart
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