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keep your immune system in tip-top shape
keep your immune system in tip-top shape
Liquid Extracts vs. Capsules: Which Is Better?

Granola bars that boost energy, fruit drinks that give you a day’s worth of vitamins and minerals, yogurt with probiotics that regulate digestion. Stroll down just about any grocery aisle and you’ll see products with added ingredients that offer potential health benefits. This recent trend suggests that you don’t need to swallow a supplement to get the health benefits you want.

Aside from being easier to swallow than tablets and capsules, liquid extracts have a lot of other advantages as well. Read on to discover if liquid extracts are right for you.

Benefits of liquid extracts

  • Fast, ready absorption. Your body does not need to break down a liquid extract, allowing its health benefits to be readily absorbed. And it’s fast. It only takes about 1-4 minutes to assimilate a liquid extract while capsules or tablets can take upwards of 30.
  • Easy to digest. As you age, you don’t digest pills and capsules as easily. Some may pass through your system fully in tact. Individuals on acid blockers may have even more difficulty digesting due to the reduction of stomach acids making liquid extracts a good choice for them.
  • Greater potency. You get more pure nutrition – just the plant and its beneficial nutrients in their most potent state. Because of this, liquid extracts may cost a bit more, but the value you receive is often worth the price.
  • Flexible dosing. If you’re unsure how your system will react to a certain extract, you can easily cut the dosage down to a drop or half-drop and adjust from there.
  • Customized to your needs. Want to support your immune system, heart health plus digestion? Mix various liquid extracts to address each of those concerns into a single, customized drink.
  • Convenience. Its small sized bottle makes it easy to carry in a purse, pocket or suit case.
  • Longer shelf life. Typically liquid extracts are stable much longer than tablets and are less affected by heat and humidity. When stored out of direct sunlight or near heat, liquid extracts containing alcohol can last up to five years while those containing no alcohol can last about three.
  • Taste. Newer liquid extracts include pomegranate, blueberry and other fruity flavors to enhance their taste.

Tablets and capsules are the typical choice for supplementation, but liquid extracts are gaining popularity for all the benefits listed above. Whatever your health need, you'll find a huge variety of liquid extracts to support it. Check them out today!