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Man practicing personal hygiene through facial cleansing

6 Personal Hygiene Habits You Should Never Miss

Personal hygiene. It’s not something people talk about. You’re supposed to already know how to keep yourself clean and presentable, but step into a crowded commuter train on a warm day and you’ll immediately know who has let themselves go. Make sure you’re not offending others – or spreading germs – by practicing these 6 daily hygiene habits.

In This Healthy Insight:

  1. Oral Health
  2. Shower or Bathe Daily
  3. Keep Your Hair Clean
  4. Nail Care
  5. Wash Hands Thoroughly
  6. Facial Cleanse
father son oral care

Oral Health

Whether using an electric or old-style toothbrush, it’s recommended you brush at least twice daily for a full two minutes each time. In addition, be sure to:

  • Floss. Floss to freshen breath, prevent gingivitis, and remove those tiny bits of food your brush can’t reach.
  • Brush your tongue. Buildup on your tongue is the number one cause of bad breath, so give your tongue a thorough scrub each time you brush using either your toothbrush or a tongue scraper.
  • Change your brush every 3 months. Over time bristles lose their form, making them less effective. Since a brush is critical to good oral hygiene, invest in a good one.

Shower or Bathe Daily

Showering strips your natural body oils, so don’t over-scrub. Use a mild soap and exfoliate only once or twice a week. There’s nothing better than a long, hot shower in the winter, but this can be especially drying to your skin, so turn down the heat and make it quick.  For maximum hydration, moisturize with skin creams while your skin is still damp.

mother daughter hair care

Keep Your Hair Clean

How frequently you wash your hair depends on how much oil your scalp produces. If it’s oily, then a daily shampoo might do the trick. Dry or chemically treated hair, less frequently. To keep your hair looking fresh, consider a dry shampoo for those no-wash days or use natural hair care products.

Nail Care

Keep your fingernails and toenails neatly trimmed. If wearing polish, make sure it’s not chipped.

Wash Hands Thoroughly

Think about all the things you touch during the day – handrails, doors, money, grocery carts. No wonder hands are the dirtiest part of our body. Hand washing prevents germs and disease and is especially important after using the restroom, yet about 70% of people admit to skipping this step.  Wash hands several times a day for a full 20 seconds each time. Be sure to scrub the backs of the hands, in between fingers and under the nails.

Facial Cleanse

Washing your face is the most basic and essential step of any routine, says dermatologists. Our skin comes in contact with dirt, environmental pollutants and other factors each day that should be gently removed. Try to wash twice a day, morning and night, to avoid clogged pores, dullness and acne.

Good personal hygiene is indicative of your self-respect, not to mention making you more approachable to others. Be sure to always look your best!

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