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Hair Care During a Quarantine

As our quarantine continues, sales of hair clippers and box dyes have skyrocketed. Since we’re all looking a bit shaggy right now, many of us have taken things into our own hands.

 Your hair is an essential part of your self-esteem; it reflects how you see yourself and how you feel about yourself. It’s psychological. Whether for Zoom meetings or binge watching TV, you want to keep up your appearance. Here we answer some of the most pressing hair care questions.

Should I cut my own hair?

 Now’s not the time to give yourself a new hairstyle. Leave that to the professionals. But if you’re desperate, you can lightly trim certain areas like the ends or the back of the neck. Paper scissors aren’t going to “cut” it. Invest in some small shears to help control just how much you’re snipping. Err on the side of caution and trim slowly. You can always go back and clip more here and there. Use extra caution with bangs. Always cut them dry since hair shrinks from wet to dry and you don’t want them too short or lopsided.

What can I do about my roots?

 There’s no shortage of touch-up sprays, powders, or crayons for roots. They easily rinse out and work for various colors and textures. You can even use eye shadow with a dense brush. Whichever method you use, be sure to avoid your skin or hair part. If you do opt for box color, look for clean, safe, natural dyes that match your color and carefully follow the package directions. Don’t bother coloring all over, just touch up the areas needed like your hairline, part and nape. 

How can I avoid drying my hair out?

 This is the time to give your hair a break and not wash as frequently, maybe just two or three times a week, using a dry shampoo in between. Your scalp has natural oils, so let them work their magic. Use hair masks and leave-in deep conditioners (or even mayonnaise) to add moisture back in. If possible, let your hair air dry vs. blow dry.

Is now a good time for a hair toner?

 Although not as well known, hair toners encompass products like glosses, color-correcting shampoos/conditioners and demi-permanent colors. Usually lasting several weeks, toners refresh, enhance tone and add shine while eliminating discoloration.

What are some suggestions for hair styles?

 Accessories like headbands, scarfs and eye-catching scrunchies can give you a polished, fresh look. To avoid breakage, don’t tie your hair back too tightly or when it’s wet.

How can I keep my hair healthy long term?

 Use natural hair care products and supplements specific to your needs whether that’s scalp treatments or trying out a new conditoner.

 Nourish your hair from the inside by giving it nutrients and vitamins like Biotin, B-Vitamins, A, C and E along with minerals like selenium, zinc and calcium.

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