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Top 10 Best Vitamins for Hair

Whether your hair looks limp, thin or just seems to be taking too long to grow, you may want to consider hair vitamins, especially if you’re getting insufficient nutrition from your diet.

 The phrase, “You are what you eat“, certainly applies to your hair. If you eat a diet of processed foods, drive-thru dinners and refined sugars, you could be starving your hair of the nutrients it needs.

 Vitamins and minerals obtained through your diet go to your organs first, then whatever’s left over —if anything—goes to your skin and hair. That’s why your skin and hair are the first to show poor nutrition. Add to that the damaging effects of blow dryers, stress, over styling and chemical processing and you can see how your hair can suffer.

If you’re wanting your hair to start growing faster or want thicker, lusher tresses, there’s good news –  you can nourish your hair from within with vitamins for hair.

Start with these

Vitamin A supports the scalp’s secretion of sebum, a substance that protects hair and helps prevents breakage. Vitamin A can be found in carrots, milk, eggs and sweet potatoes, among others

B Complex including B-12, which promotes healthy hair growth by supporting red blood cells, B-3 to foster blood circulation to your scalp which in turn provides a continuous supply of blood and oxygen to your hair, and B-9, also known as folic acid. A deficiency of B-9 can lead to hair thinning. Since B-vitamins are water-soluble, they’re excreted and must be replenished daily.

Biotin (also known as B-7) fosters healthy color and helps keep your hair from becoming grayer.

Vitamin C helps maintain hair growth and strength. As an antioxidant, Vitamin C protects from free radical damage, supports collagen production, and is necessary for iron absorption.

Vitamin D Although vitamin D may not have a direct link to hair growth, it may prevent the detrimental effects of low vitamin D levels on your overall health in general.

Vitamin E is important for healthy skin and hair formation and maintenance. It promotes healthy circulation to the scalp and to the hair follicles. Deficiencies in Vitamin E can result in dull, dry, lackluster hair that does not grow well.

Fish Oil delivers omega-3 fatty acids that encourage healthy hair follicles and promote hair growth. Since it’s a healthy fat with valuable moisture, omega-3 also prevents dry, flaky scalp. Omega-3 is not produced by your body so it must be consumed in fish or in a nutritional supplement.

Iron is vital for proper circulation to the scalp and hair follicles. An iron deficiency can cause hair loss or the ability to not grow hair past a certain length.

Selenium is a trace mineral and antioxidant that fights free radicals internally and environmentally.

Zinc promotes healthy cell and tissue growth, which is why it’s so popular as an immune booster. But this same process also supports hair growth and benefits the oil-secreting glands found in the hair follicles.

Whatever your concern, there are plenty of hair vitamins or hair supplements to consider. Check them out today!

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