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damiana leaf in water

You’ve Still Got Mojo and Damiana May Help

If candlelight dinners and Barry White aren’t doing the trick, there may be some other ways to turn up the heat, starting with an amazing herb that’s been the go-to libido enhancer for centuries. It’s called damiana and it’s more popular than ever for both men and women. 

What is Damiana (Turnera Diffusa)?

Turnera diffusa is a small, low-growing, woody shrub herb with aromatic leaves and small bright yellow flowers. Native to Mexico, Central and South America where it grows wild, damiana was first used by the ancient Aztecs. Over the centuries, damiana has been used medicinally for many health reasons including digestion, anxiety, blood sugar, bladder and relaxation. Traditionally, however, it’s been noted for its positive effect on sexual energy, sex drive and mood.

Causes of Low Sexual Drive

It’s bound to happen at some point. You’re just not in the mood for a rollicking romp in the bedroom and not sure you’ll ever be. But wait, not so fast. Our modern life is brimming with daily stressors: work, family, and finances not to mention the effects of environmental toxins, changing hormones, and body image. It’s no wonder sex is the first thing to go.   

Benefits and Traditional Use of Damiana

Although we have only anecdotal evidence to go on, damiana supporters give it high marks for:  

Where to Buy Damiana and How to Make Damiana Tea

You can find damiana online or at health food stores in several forms: capsules (by itself or blended with other sexual health ingredients), liquid extracts, or loose leaves for brewing tea.

Turnera diffusa tea has a smooth, delicate flavor and is simple to make at home. Here’s how:

Place 1-2 heaping teaspoons of loose damiana leaves in a teapot.

Pour boiling water over the leaves.

Steep 15-20 minutes.

Strain the tea and pour into a cup.

Add a teaspoon of honey or lemon wedge for flavor if desired.


Damiana, Extracts & Supplements

  • Dried and in capsule form
  • Blended into a supplement with other libido-supporting ingredients
  • Brewed into a tea
  • In a liquid extract to be added to beverages
  • Infused into a cordial

Tips to Boost the Mood

A few simple lifestyle changes can make a huge difference in your sex life.

  • Exercise. It boosts your stamina, mood and self-confidence.
  • Reduce stress. Find healthy ways to unwind.
  • Communicate. Be open with your partner to maintain your connection.
  • Make time. Make intimacy a priority by scheduling it into your week.
  • Spice it up. Be creative and try something new.
  • Stop excess alcohol. This can affect desire, mood and performance.
  • Try some sexy food. Avocadoes, oysters and bananas are thought to be libido enhancers.
  • Get plenty of sleep. Feeling energized is essential.

Could damiana be what you need to get your mojo back? You can only tell if you give it a try! But first, be sure to discuss any changes with your doctor to see what’s right for you.

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