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Why Goldenseal is the Traditional Lung Favorite

During the last year you may have heard a lot about goldenseal or goldenseal combined with echinacea, but this little gem has been around for centuries as a magic remedy for lots of health issues both internally and externally.  Here’s the latest.

What is Goldenseal (Hydrastis Canadensis)

A member of the buttercup family, Goldenseal (hydrastis canandensis) is a low-growing plant native to the eastern parts North America. It is also known as orange root, ground raspberry, eye root or yellow puccoon. Most noticeable is its thick, bright yellow root and purplish, hairy stem.

Goldenseal was originally used by the indigenous people of North America for skin, digestion, oral and eye health. It was also used as a yellow dye. European settlers quickly added goldenseal to their medicine bag and its popularity soared in the early 1800s.  Over the centuries, its use has risen and fallen, but in the last year, it’s enjoyed a huge resurgence for immune support, making it sometimes hard to find.

Goldenseal is officially approved as a medicinal herb in the United States Pharmacopoeia and in the National Formulary.

Traditional Benefits of Goldenseal

Goldenseal belongs to a group of plants that include compounds called flavonoids, alkaloids and diterpenes which are believed to support overall health and wellness.

Herbalists consider goldenseal a “bitter” that helps the flow of bile and also acts as an expectorant. Although benefits are anecdotal, with limited scientific studies, additional traditional uses include support for:

Goldenseal, Extracts & Supplements

Goldenseal is available at health food retailers in the following forms.

  • Dried and in capsules or tablets
  • Blended into a supplement with other immune-supporting ingredients like echinacea
  • Brewed into a tea
  • In a liquid extract to be added to beverages
  • In a salve or cream to apply topically
  • Under-the-tongue drops for fast absorption
  • Throat sprays to comfort and soothe

Other Tips for the Lungs

  • Stop smoking. Still the number one cause of respiratory issues.
  • Exercise frequently. Aim for 30 minutes daily.
  • Breathe deeply and fully to exercise your lungs and abdominal muscles.
  • Watch your posture. Sitting and standing straight helps your lungs perform at full capacity.
  • Avoid indoor irritants. Cleaning chemicals can be particularly irritating to delicate lung tissues.
  • Avoid outdoor pollutants.
  • Get vaccines as recommended for flu by your doctor.

Could goldenseal or goldenseal with echinacea be right for you? Be sure to discuss any changes to your current health regimen with your doctor. Together you can decide if goldenseal is right for you.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Individual results may vary.

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