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yucca root

Yucca Root – Guide

Yucca is an evergreen shrub belonging to the asparagus family. Herbalists prize the root for its naturally occurring saponins popular for joint support and overall health.

In This Healthy Insight:

  1. What is Yucca?
  2. Fun Facts about Yucca
  3. What Are the Benefits of Yucca
  4. What’s in Yucca Root?
  5. How Do I Take Yucca Root?
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What Is Yucca?

Native to hot, dry climates, yucca plants are commonly found in Mexico and the southwestern US. Since they’ve become so adaptable, their territory has expanded into mountainous regions and various other locations with sandy soil, including parts of Canada. Indoors, yucca plants add a tropical flair to your décor.

There are nearly 50 different species of the yucca plant, each looking slightly different but all having large, long pointed leaves with super-sharp tips that can deliver a quick deep cut. Be extra careful when handling since the spike can plunge to the bone and leave a wound. Ouch!

Please note: Do not confuse the yucca plant with yuca, the edible potato-like root vegetable also known as cassava and a staple in the diet of millions of people in tropical and sub-tropical environments.


Fun Facts About Yucca

As a houseplant, yuccas live about 5 years with proper care. Outdoors a yucca can live 10-20 years or more.

The stems of the yucca plant can reach up to 3 feet in height.

Yucca flowers are edible with a slight artichoke flavor.

Fruits, seeds and stems are also edible.

Indigenous people of North America used yucca fibers to create ropes, dental floss, sandals, clothes and baskets. 

Native Americans used yucca for joint comfort, skin injuries and sprains.

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What Are the Benefits of Yucca Root?

  • Traditionally used to support joint health
  • Offers antioxidants to combat free radicals
  • Promotes good health and wellness

What’s in Yucca Root?

Yucca delivers trace amounts of the following vitamins, minerals and nutrients:

  • Vitamin C important for immune support and for collagen formation to keep joints healthy and comfortable
  • B vitamins for energy
  • Potassium for muscle health
  • Antioxidants to fight aging
  • Calcium for strong bones

How Do I Take Yucca Root?

As always, be sure to ask your doctor before adding yucca root or any other supplement to your healthcare routine. Botanic Choice offers yucca root in easy-to-swallow tablets, liquid extract, and blended into joint supporting formulas.  Check it out today!

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