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Your thyroid – the secret cause of stubborn fat?

Ever feel frustrated by doing all the “right things” but still can’t lose weight? Imagine one easy flip of a switch inside your body that could forever banish…

√ Excess pounds
√ Unwanted bulges
√ Slow metabolism
√ Unsightly fat build up

…all without suffering through fad diets, painful exercises or tasteless, low fat foods.

And it could all be related to the hidden health issue that doctors miss the majority of the time – a sluggish thyroid.

More common than you think

Chances are good you’ve heard about thyroid issues before. After all, many TV personalities, athletes and politicians have all opening discussed theirs.

But what you may not know is as many as 40 percent of Americans have a sluggish thyroid – and most don’t even know it.

Your thyroid affects all your body’s processes

Just like your car engine produces energy to move your vehicle at variable speeds, your thyroid regulates many processes that affect just about every aspect of your life including…

  • Weight
  • Vision
  • Cognitive ability
  • Mood
  • Hair
  • Digestion
  • Physical strength
  • Sleep
  • Body temperature
  • Skin health

Toxins and chemicals can cause harm

Recent studies have found a relationship between chemical sensitivities and thyroid concerns including those chemicals found in food, air and water.

Since the thyroid can be the root cause of so many health problems, it’s important to test yours.

Do you have an sluggish thyroid?

Try this simple test:

Your basal temperature is your body temperature when you first wake up. And a basal thermometer is an ultra-sensitive thermometer that tracks your body’s minutest temperature shifts. You can find one at your local drugstore or online.

Each morning, for a week, take your basal temperature by putting the basal thermometer under your armpit. Write down your temperature.

If your temperature is constantly low, say between 98.2 and 97.8 F, you may have an underactive thyroid.

Also a look at other symptoms and blood tests. Combined with the basal temperature test above, can get a very accurate analysis of a person’s thyroid health.

To keep your thyroid in check, many customersenjoy Botanic Choice’s Thyroid Complex™ .It delivers thirteen nutrients including time-tested iodine, zinc, copper, B vitamins and other herbs known to support thyroid health.

Could your thyroid be the reason you can’t shed those stubborn pounds? Many people think so. Keep yours in tip-top shape and see the difference a healthy thyroid can make in your weight loss…and your life.