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6 Simple Ways to Prevent Dry Skin in Winter

Between frigid temperatures outdoors and hot air indoors, no wonder your skin feels parched, scaly and itchy in the winter. Wherever you live, cold weather can wreak havoc on your skin. And while you might think taking a long, hot bath will do the trick, think again. Hot water enhances dry skin even more. Winter’s the time to up your skin care and make some simple changes to keep your skin comfortable, supple and healthy all season long.

In This Healthy Insight:

man exfoliating dry skin
  • What Your Skin Does
  • How to Avoid Dry Skin in Winter
  • Exfoliate
  • Make it fast
  • Humidify
  • Use Omega 3
  • Apply Sunscreen Regularly

What Your Skin Does

Your skin provides a protective, waterproof layer between your body and the environment. To function properly, your skin’s cells are replaced constantly, essential for comfort and healing. Your skin also helps regulate body temperature, screens potentially harmful rays and helps synthesize Vitamin D for strong bones and teeth.

How to Avoid Dry Skin in Winter

1. Lock in moisture

Apply moisturizers right after you shower, when your skin is still damp.

2. Exfoliate

It goes against logic to slough off a layer of skin, but it’s easier for moisturizers to penetrate skin when you’ve removed the dead skin buildup.

Try aloe vera gel for skin. Switch to thicker creams and if your skin is really dry, look for products with aloe vera in them to quickly soothe.

3. Make it fast

diffuser for hydrating dry skin

While it’s tempting to indulge in a long hot shower or bath, it zaps natural oils right out of your skin. Take a cooler, 5-minute shower, just once a day.

4. Humidify

Forced air heat can reduce humidity levels to less than 10 percent when 30 to 40 percent is best for keeping skin hydrated. There are all sorts of humidifier styles, sizes and prices available. Have one in your home and office.

5. Use Omega 3

Vitamins to moisturize from within. A recent study that shows 99 percent of Americans are deficient in their consumption of essential fatty acids, especially Omega 3. Among other health concerns, consuming too few essential fatty acids can also lead to dryness and wrinkles. Look for Omega 3 fatty acids from salmon, mackerel, lake trout, herring and sardines.

6. Apply sunscreen regularly

Sunscreen’s even more important on bright, sunny days when there’s a lot of reflection on the snow. And don’t skip the sunscreen on dreary gray days either. Harmful sun rays are still getting through.

Keep your skin glowing and healthy with these simple tips. Spring’s right around the corner!

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