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5 Surprising Benefits of Black Cherry Supplement

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You may be familiar with black cherry from jams, pies and beverages, but it’s also a popular, yet often hard-to-find nutritional supplement, too.

Black cherry supplements are derived from the fruit of the black cherry tree (Prunus serotina) and are often found in various forms such as capsules, powders, or extracts. Herbalists treasure black cherry supplements for their potential health benefits.  

  1. Rich in naturally occurring nutrients.
black cherry tree
  1. Supports a healthy immune system. Due to its beneficial flavonoids, Vitamin C and Vitamin A, Black Cherry supplements support overall health especially a strong immune system.
  2. Power-packed with antioxidants. This includes anthocyanins to help neutralize free radicals and protect from oxidative damage.
  3. Promotes relaxation and fosters sleep. Although it’s anecdotal, some individuals claim their sleep quality improves when they consume Black Cherry in the evening. This may be due to its naturally occurring melatonin content. 
  4. Helps post-workout recovery. The potassium in Black Cherry helps support healthy nerve signals, fluid balance and muscle contractions which some fitness enthusiasts find helpful in aiding exercise recovery.

To experience these benefits and more, take a look at Botanic Choice’s Black Cherry Supplement. It’s a 4:1 extract, your assurance of quality, consistency and potency. Plus, it’s in an easy-to-swallow capsule. 

While black cherry supplements offer promising potential health benefits, it’s important to note that more research is needed to fully understand their effects and optimal dosages. Additionally, you  should always consult with a healthcare professional before adding black cherry supplements to your wellness routine.

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