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6 Reasons Liquid Vitamins Are Unique

We’ve all heard of the importance of them, but what are liquid vitamins exactly? Vitamins help your body grow and develop. While the best way to get all your nutrition is through a healthy well-balanced diet, knowing what the many vitamins, minerals and supplements can do, will make you a more educated consumer and healthier person overall.  Here we’ll cover some of the basics.

In This Healthy Insight:

  1. List of Essential Vitamins
  2. Types of Vitamins and Supplements
  3. What are Liquid Vitamins and Liquid Supplements
  4. 6 Benefits of Liquid Vitamins
woman drinking liquid vitamins

List of Essential Vitamins

There are 13 essential vitamins your body needs to work properly. You can find these in single doses or in a multivitamin.

  • Vitamin A – teeth, bones, skin
  • Vitamin B1 – converts carbs to energy
  • Vitamin B2 – red blood cells
  • Vitamin B3 – healthy skin and nerves
  • Vitamin B5 – metabolism of food, hormones and cholesterol
  • Vitamin B6 – red blood cells and brain function
  • Vitamin B7 – metabolism of proteins and carbs
  • Vitamin B9 – red blood cells and production of DNA
  • Vitamin B12 – metabolism, red blood cells and nervous system
  • Vitamin C – antioxidant for good health
  • Vitamin D – needed for calcium absorption
  • Vitamin E – red blood cells and the use of Vitamin K
  • Vitamin K – blood and bone health

Types of Vitamins and Supplements

Vitamins come in all shapes and sizes: capsules, tablets, softgels, powders, gummies, chewables, topicals and increasingly popular, liquids. Liquid vitamins are available in shots, smoothies, shakes, brewable from Keurig coffee machines and more.

smoothie mixed with vitamins

What are Liquid Vitamins and Liquid Supplements?

If you’ve ever had a hard time swallowing pills, you may be a candidate for liquid vitamins. Liquid vitamins and liquid supplements are packed with more potent nutrients than you typically find in a tablet or capsule. Several nutrients can even be combined into a single formula that works synergistically. For example, a mixture of berries. Or you can customize your own blend based on your needs.

Pills and capsules need to be broken down before they can get to work. And even then, only about 40% is used by your body. Liquids are much more absorbable – up to 98%. Since digestion starts in your mouth, they get to work right away and they’re super convenient. Take them by the spoonful, in a tea or any favorite beverage. 

Taking a supplement in liquid form makes it easier to change the dose based on individual tolerance, effectiveness or even by family member. Let’s not forget the taste. Everyone’s taste buds are different, but most fans of liquids say they love the delicious flavor.  For these reasons, liquid vitamins are enjoying huge popularity.

6 Benefits of Liquid Vitamins

  1. Easy to swallow
  2. Body does not need to break down liquids
  3. Quick assimilation, usually in 1-5 minutes
  4. Maximum absorption of about 98%
  5. Easily digestible
  6. Convenient – by the spoonful or in a beverage

Before starting any new supplement, be sure to discuss it with your healthcare practitioner who can point you in the right direction. If it’s decided vitamins are right for you, remember, there are plenty of options available to make it tasty, easy and effective. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Individual results may vary.

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