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Holly flower which is a December birth flower

All About December’s Birth Flowers

December means holidays and year-end celebrations. If you have a loved one with a birthday this month, it can often get lost amid all the festivities. The year make them feel extra special with a thoughtful bouquet of December birth flowers, holly and narcissus.

In This Healthy Insight:

  1. What are December’s birth flowers?
  2. What are the uses of holly?
  3. What does holly symbolize?
  4. What are the uses of narcissus (paperwhite)?
  5. What do narcissus symbolize?
  6. Famous Birthdays in December
  7. List of birth months and flowers
December birth flower holly

What are December’s birth flowers?

December’s birth flowers are holly and narcissus. Along with mistletoe, holly is synonymous with the holidays making it the perfect reflection of the season due to its cheerful appearance with vibrant red berries and crisp green leaves. It’s come to symbolize happiness, optimism, protection and defense.

Narcissus comes from the same genus as daffodils, all known for their trumpet-like flowers. But don’t confuse this month’s flower with the daffodils that bloom in spring. December’s birth flower is the paperwhite narcissus, a species that blooms in winter, making it appropriate as it represents hope, goodness and wealth for the upcoming year.


What are the uses of holly?

The hardy holly plant is native to the United Kingdom but now over 200 varieties grow around the world in both frigid and tropical climates. The holly has relatively tiny flowers that appear in spring and attract bees but what you really notice are the bright red berries. But don’t eat them! Although birds love them, they’re semi-toxic to humans.

If you decide to plant holly bushes make sure you have both a male and a female for cross-pollination. Only the female will bear fruit. Holly bushes without berries are either male or females without a male partner.

What does holly symbolize?

Holly is ripe with symbolism. In Christianity, the berries were believed to be white, but stained red by Christ’s blood, while the spiky leaves represented the crown of thorns. Despite this serious back story, the holly has come to represent optimism and happiness, especially at home.

December birth flower Narcissus

What are the uses of narcissus (paperwhite)?

Native to the Mediterranean, narcissus became extremely popular in China then made its way to European and North American gardens.

What does narcissus symbolize?

If someone is called a narcissist, it means they’re self-involved, self-absorbed and vain. In other words, they’re in love with themselves. It comes from the Greek myth of Narcissus, a beautiful young man who became obsessed with his looks. While admiring his reflection in a pond, he leaned forward to get a closer look, fell in the water and drowned. Shortly afterwards a narcissus bloomed in the same spot.

It’s easy to see how narcissus in general can become known for vanity. However the paperwhite narcissus carries a different symbol representing hope, sweetness, simplicity, purity, faithfulness and respect. It is also a symbol for good fortune, prosperity and wealth for the coming year.


Famous Birthdays in December

  • Woody Allen – December 1, 1935
  • Gianni Versace – December 2, 1946
  • Walt Disney – December 5, 1901
  • Sammy Davis Jr. – December 8, 1925
  • Emily Dickenson – December 10, 1830
  • Frank Sinatra – December 12, 1915
  • Ludwig Van Beethoven – December 16, 1770
  • Jane Fonda – December 21, 1937
  • Louis Pasteur – December 27, 1822

List of birth months and flowers

Plan ahead with a meaningful bouquet for friends and family this year using the following guide.

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