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may birth flowers lily of the valley

Get Ready for Summer with May Birth Flowers

Did you know about May birth flowers? With chilly March winds and unpredictable April showers behind us, when May arrives, summer is fast approaching. It’s a time of rebirth and renewal. In fact, May is named after Maia, the Greek goddess of growth. While there are many flowers that bloom this month, two of the most notable are the lily of the valley and hawthorn, May’s birth flowers.

In This Healthy Insight:

  1. Fun facts about lily of the valley
  2. What does the lily of the valley symbolize?
  3. Fast facts about hawthorn
  4. What does hawthorn symbolize
  5. Famous May Birthdays
  6. List of birth months and flowers
may birth flowers - lily of the valley

Fast facts about lily of the valley

  • Convallaria majalis is the scientific name of this delicate bell-shaped white flower that droops along its stem
  • Since lily of the valley means romance, brides love to include it in their wedding bouquet
  • It’s been part of royal wedding bouquets too with Kate Middleton in 2011 and Princess Grace in 1956
  • Many perfumes are created using the sweet fragrance of lily of the valley
  • The flower can also represent sadness and is commonly placed on top of the coffin
  • The flower itself resembles tears and is sometimes referred to as “our lady’s tears”
  • In Christianity, it is said that Mary’s tears at Jesus’ crucifixion fell on the ground and became lily of the valley
  • In heaven it’s said to measure the purity of souls
  • The flower is thought to be a charm against evil, even protecting gardens from evil spirits

What does the lily of the valley symbolize?

As with most birth flowers, lily of the valley carries different meanings and serves as a symbol for many things. In addition to romance, these flowers represent hope, sweetness, happiness and with its demure, drooping flowers, it also represents humility.

Your friend that seems to be the luckiest person you know while still being down to earth and humble? They’re likely born in May!

It’s the perfect flower to give to a loved one to honor them. The French even have a special holiday for it on May 1 when they celebrate La Fête du Muguet and give each other lily of the valley for best wishes for the future.

may birth flowers hawthorn

Fast facts about hawthorn

  • Unlike the lily of the valley, the hawthorn is a flowering, sturdy shrub with stiff thorns and not used for bouquets
  •  It is from the Crataegus genus of shrubs and smaller trees within the Rose family
  • The word Crataegus is from the Greek words kratos and akis, which mean “strength” and “sharp”
  • Common names include quickthorn, whitethorn and haw berry
  • Hawthorn blossoms are typically pink and white and often used as ornamental hedges
  • Into the 19C the hawthorn was thought to have supernatural powers
  • Today hawthorn is popular with herbalists for heart health

What does hawthorn symbolize?

Due to its elegant appearance and form, in many cultures, hawthorn symbolizes love, beauty, hope and happiness. But since it also has prickly thorns, it also reflects protection. If you give someone a hawthorn plant, you’re showing them that nothing can stop them from being supremely happy. You care about them greatly and wish them nothing but the best in life.

Famous April Birthdays

  • Dwayne Johnson – May 2, 1972
  • James Brown – May 3, 1933
  • Audrey Hepburn – May 4, 1929
  • Adele – May 5, 1988
  • Sigmund Freud – May 6, 1856
  • Enrique Iglesias – May 8, 1975
  • Plato – May 21, 428 BC
  • Mr. T – May 21, 1952
  • Queen Victoria – May 24, 1819
  • Miles Davis – May 26, 1926
  • John F. Kennedy – May 29, 1917
hawthorn flowers

List of birth months and flowers

Plan ahead with a thoughtful bouquet for friends and family this year using the following guide.

May is a delightful month of transition and its flowers signify the hopes and dreams for the future. A bouquet of lily of the valley or hawthorn plant makes an ideal gift.

For thousands of years flowers have been used to express feelings, complement a garden, heal various health conditions, or add fragrance to the air. Aromatherapy using floral and essential oils is enormously popular and Botanic Choice carries a huge array of them for many occasions, including several floral oils like lily of the valley.

You’ll also find hawthorn berry tablets, hawthorn liquid extract and blends on our website.

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